Influencing other people

Abraham Lincoln

“Example is not the main thing in influencing other people; it’s the only thing.”    - Abraham Lincoln

Seriously…who doesn’t love a good Lincoln quote? And oh this one! This is what I’ve lived my adult life by. Not by choice per se, but because I had this little person watching me all the time. He’s now 16. It’s less relevant for him now that he's older, but I’ve learned that setting an example can influence people you never even know, and sometimes those you never suspect.

When it come to company culture, it manifests in what your team does, what your customers do, even in what your investors do. It’s a tough lesson that is learned over and over again, day after day. Sometimes minute after minute. As soon as you become complacent, lazy or worse, something you don’t respect…then you begin to see it in other people around you. So you ultimately have to decide what you want to manifest (funny that it isn’t just crazy magic). Take the easy way out and watch everything crumble, or be conscious of your moves and watch everything prosper?

What example are you setting today?