PLEASE tell me no!

“When someone came in my office with a big innovative idea I told them it wouldn’t work and to get out of my office, if they came back a second time I told them no again, if they came back a third time I knew they had the passion, tenacity and commitment required to launch a new business and I told them to go for it.”   - Jack Welch, when asked how he prioritized innovation at his level when he ran GE

I used this quote last Friday when I gave a keynote for a Chamber of Commerce annual meeting. During Q&A, someone asked how we pick teams from so many applicants and I mentioned this little gem I had read a few days before.

In the world of entrepreneurship, you’re going to hear a lot of no’s. Get used to it. You’ll hear it from the people who matter most. Get over it. You’re going to hear it when you are at your lowest. Deal with it.

Confidence and making it look easy is what wins in this game. That also means pushing through the no’s and getting to the yes’. They’re out there. You just have to keep going to find them. All while holding a ticking time bomb. Fun huh?

But you wouldn’t do it if it were easy, would you? You’re here for the challenge. You’re here to turn those no’s into yes’ by building the right stuff.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get some no’s today.